WELCOME TO Apollo Airlines Virtual

Welcome to the new website of Apollo Airlines Virtual!

Soon, we will be able to provide to our members a highly realistic airline environment. Apollo Airlines Virtual will simulate the operations of a small size Greek airline operated charter flights from 1994 till 1996. Their offices located very close to the old Athens Hellinikon airport and they operated in total three A300B4 aircraft. The airline’s main operations focused on linking European cities with the Greek resorts during the summer seasons.

The virtual airline will be managed by real life aviation professionals (pilots, ATC and ground services experts) ensuring airline and flight simulation to its maximum!

Stay tuned!


Pilots 10
Aircraft in fleet 26
Routes 34
Total hours: 41.93
Flights total 13
Flights Regular 2
Flights Charter 11
% Flights Regular 15.38 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
AOA394Dimitrios Ntistis  LGAV  LGAL 05-09-2019 0.90
AOA100Administrator Administrator  LGAV  LGKR 09-12-2018 1.20
AOA100Administrator Administrator  LGAV  KJFK 25-10-2018 9.40
AOA394Dimitrios Ntistis  LGAV  KORD 23-10-2018 9.60
AOA394Dimitrios Ntistis  LGAV  LGIR 22-10-2018 1.20






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